Thursday 28 August 2008

The Kooks

We went to see The Kooks last Thursday night, at the HITEC in Kowloon Bay. It was kind of weird...Alcohol was banned in the hall, so everyone was milling around drinking outside, having relieved the local 7-Elevens of all their warm cans of Blue Girl imported beer. There was no support act, so The Kooks came on unannounced about 9, so people started drifting in. The hall was only about half full, which was a shame. They only played for about an hour, then off they went adn the lights came up. No encores. It was a bit atmosphere-less. However, it was still very good, and I enjoyed it lots, it was just a bit...weird.

We got a public light bus back to Causeway Bay, which was heaving as usual, in spite of the Typhoon signal 3 which was in force. Then we walked back to Happy Valley and braced ourselves for Nuri. Several of the flats in our building had taped up the windows, we should probably do that next time!

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