Friday 1 August 2008

A dark night indeed

We went to see Batman yesterday - well, at least Ross went to see it. I mostly carried out an extensive and unusually intense scrutiny of the exit signs...It was WAY too violent for me, yes, pathetic I know. What's really sad is that I just checked the certificate, and it's a 12A! that's appalling. It was so scary it gave me a nightmare.

What I saw of the film, I really enjoyed, it's just that I didn't see all that much! Must get braver.

There's a great bit when Batman is in Hong Kong, and (this isn't giving anything away, promise) he jumps off the top of IFC2, which, at 415m tall, is over twice as high as the HSBC tower in Docklands. It's quite queasy-making just watching it.

I saw the IFC 2 Tower referred to the other day as "The Nose Hair Trimmer of the Gods" which seems quite appropriate.

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