Tuesday 19 August 2008


We went out for a hardcore karaoke session with lots of Ross's colleagues last night. Having never been before, I didn't realise that only a very small minority of the songs actually show the original video as they play. However, I do now have unexpected urges to visit Greece, New Zealand, and the changing of the guard in London.

If you pick anything that doesn't have the MTV video, then you are treated to a Tourism Board style video of a random destination. There are a few rules: the location must have nothing whatsoever to do with the song.; the "models" in the video have a limited variety of expressions, "wistful" being the most popular; and lastly, the video must have been shot in the early Eighties.

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  1. You know you've arrived when you've found the karaoke bar. Scott is still waiting to make his debut on the Washington karaoke scene, but I'm sure it'll be a stunner.

    Love the view from your flat. Can't believe you're complaining about not having your stuff from the UK yet. I've been here over 4 months and all our stuff is still sitting in Baltimore in the port! Argh!



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